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  • Why am I sensitive to so many foods? what should I do?
  • Do I have to take meds for allergy and asthma forever?
  • Why am I always so stressed, fatigued and unable to relex?
  • Do I need to take so many supplements everyday?
  • Why am I still not feeling well after so much healing work?
  • Why am I so easily get sick and hard to recover?

Welcome to the home of the Individualized/Informational Body-Mind Therapy (iBMT), a holistic healing program developed by Dr. Harry Hong to address all of the questions above. Combining biomedical model with energetic model, iBMT is a multidisciplinary program and specially designed to help patients with Highly Sensitive Body for their chronic illnesses and to trouble shoot difficult cases for conventional doctors. For more information, please also read Dr. Hong's official website.


Do I Have a Highly Sensitive Body?