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Electrodermal Screening

The equipments we use in our office include MSA Professional, IQS and Asyra Pro. All of them are computerized electrodermal screening (EDS) devices. Electrodermal testing came a long way since Dr. Voll developed his protocol, Electro acupuncture According to Voll (EAV) half a century ago. Combining traditional Chinese acupuncture theory and western technology he developed a testing protocol for meridians through acupuncture points. He also added eight extra meridians to traditional Chinese theory and renamed EAV meridians with physiological terms. He evaluates meridian energy using a device testing skin conductivity around acupuncture points. Changes in skin conductivity believe to be one of the few physiological phenomena for acupuncture points. His early work is the bases for all later development of the electrodermal techniques.

All modern equipments include a testing device based on EAV and computer interface with a database. The EDS devices basically run the following three tests:

  • Meridian balance test: meridian balance testing is a protocol to detect energy changes within each meridian. The test determines whether the energy is under stress (blocked) or weakened (deficiency). Based on Chinese theory the energy in each meridian has to be balanced so that the healing ability reaches to optimal.
  • Remedy test: Remedy test is used to determine what remedies may help the imbalanced meridian re-achieve balanced stage. This function is very useful to help the doctor design a very personalized protocol for each sensitive patient.
  • Sensitivity test: Sensitivity test is used to determine what factors bother the body and cause the imbalance of the meridians. This function is very useful to search the root issue of the disease and help to pinpoint the cause.

Remedy testing is one of the most used functions for EAV. For example, a patient having a cold/flu often shows a stressed Lymphatic meridian. To determine if a homeopathic or herbal remedy will help the patient or not, the doctor need to test the Lymphatic meridian again while the patient holds the remedy in his hand. If the reading on the Lymphatic meridian reaches normal balance, this remedy is the right one to take. The modern computerized EDS device equipped with a remedy database is able to test and even scan for the right remedy without patient’s holding the real one.

Sensitivity testing is a function that is opposite to remedy testing. If the body does not agree with a substance, e.g. an allergy food, a balanced acupuncture point becomes imbalance while the patient is holding that substance. It believes that the substance may cause a stressed energetic response in the body and the skin conductivity changes accordingly. This function is very useful to identify allergies and internal blockages. With a large computer database and a well designed sensitivity testing protocol, a broad spectrum of factors that may contribute to the disease can be quickly screened and energetic blockages can be addressed specifically.

Computerized EDS device uses special language to communicate with the body through electric signals. This technology with a large database allows practitioners to test many substances without using the real ones. The MSA Pro has a huge database containing more than 50,000 substances and remedies. Asyra Pro is a newer generation device with automatic function that significantly shortens the testing time and is perfect for children.

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