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Energy Therapy for Emotions

According to traditional Chinese Five-Element theories, emotions are processed through energy pathways, the meridians. Anger goes through the Liver meridian, joy through the Heart meridian, pensiveness through the Spleen meridian, grief through the Lung meridian, and fear through the Kidney meridian. Although the theory is preliminary, it is still the first one that suggests a connection between emotions and physical body. Apparently there are more emotions and more complicated energy pathways than the five listed above. If for some reason there are blockages in the meridian, the specific emotion is going to be blocked as well. This may result in a delayed emotional process, or a specific emotion holding. A long-term emotional blockage may cause related physical conditions such as slowed detoxification, blocked metabolism and emotional disorders.

Traditional Chinese medicine deals with emotional blockages through acupuncture and Chinese herbs. The most common meridian causing emotional problems is the Liver and the Heart meridians. The Liver blockage often causes anger issue while the Heart meridian is always associated with sleep problems. There are quite a few herbal formulas dealing with the Liver energy stagnation and the Heart energy deficiency. The blockages in other meridians also cause other emotional and physical conditions. Specific pattern differentiations are needed accordingly.

Most recent development of emotional therapy using Chinese energy system started from 1980s. Dr. Roger Callahan found a meridian tapping technique to eliminate negative emotions such as anxieties, phobias, and painful memories. He believes that negative emotions disrupt normal energy flow in the meridians. By tapping specific acupuncture points that associate with those meridians he is able to strengthen the energy and help the meridian to get ride of those negative emotions. He called his technique Thought Field Therapy (TFT). In the 1990s, based on the original TFT, Gary Craig developed his own accessible approach to energy psychology, which is the Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT). Both therapies and other variations of this technique can be available to treat emotional issues and physical conditions caused by emotional blockages. Patients can learn the technique and perform the treatment at home.

Since electrodermal screening technique was developed, specific emotional blockages and associated meridians can be easily identified. With Immune System Reprogramming (a special tapping technique) the blocked emotions can be released and the meridian is balanced again. The Immune System Reprogramming is a type of informational therapy, which signals the body to heal. It is similar to TFT or EFT, when you tap your meridians with an emotion vial (homeopathic preparation) in hand, the body is signaled to open the emotional blockage and balance the associated meridian. With this technique we are able to identify the hidden emotional factors that cause physical conditions and solve the problems even if the patients are not aware of the connections between their emotions and their physical conditions.

In 1940s a German doctor, Edward Bach, developed a unique emotional therapy, called flower essences. He found that the smells of the flowers trigger emotional reactions. He believes that many of the diseases are caused by the conflicts between our divine goals and our personalities. This conflict causes mental and emotional blockages that may lead to physical conditions. He discovered original 38 flower essences that help to balance the psychological state and keep the soul once again a whole and revitalized. Flower essences can be used in special combinations addressing specific psychological status for each patient. More advanced homeopathic preparations of flower essences are also available for deeper emotional issues.

In our clinic, we try to analyze every patient for emotional connections and choose the right therapies for them. Emotional therapy is an important part of our program and has helped a lot of patients.

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