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Enzyme Therapy

Enzyme therapy uses digestive enzymes to help a variety of health conditions. Here I summarize my understanding and clinical experience on digestive enzymes.

Most food allergies start with food indigestion and food intolerance. Because of the modern stressful life styles and environmental toxins, our body, especially digestive system, is not working perfectly. It results in low digestive function including deficiency of stomach acid, digestive enzymes and digestive energy. Over-eating one type of food such as sugar or carbohydrate or protein may also result in a reduction of the body’s ability to digest such food. Partially digested food molecules leak into our blood stream through “leaky gut”. (Leaky gut is a result of toxic and pathogenic damage of intestine membrane). Long-term exposure to partially digested food molecules in the body eventually triggers immune responses and allergies.

Typically, after taking digestive enzyme for a few weeks, which helps break down food molecules and improves indigestion, patients report a “jump” in their daily energy level. After about 3 months they report less colds/flu, and feeling healthier overall. But it doesn’t solve the root issues, which are caused by imbalances and toxins in the body as well as bad eating habits. Taking digestive enzymes is to buy some time for the body to heal. For those with minor digestive issues, these enzynmes will help the intestinal lining to heal. For people with deeper issues, however, without treating the root issues and changing thire life styles, the benefit of digestive enzymes won’t last very long. Clinically we have seen many cases that digestive enzymes work well very in the beginning and quit working after a while. It is important for patients to know that they may only have a small window of benefit using digestive enzymes. It is necessary to treat the root issue while taking digestive enzymes.

Slowing down somewhat from a busy lifestyle and starting to take care of yourself is also important for long term health. There are stresses one cannot reduce. At the same time, you can always find stresses you can change as long as you plan ahead. If work is busy, then don’t arrange an even busier family life. If you run around all week AND all weekend, your body will be stressed out. Plus you are teaching your children a hectic and stressful life ahead of them.

Most of the digestive enzyme formulas contain a variety of enzymes. Some of them help sugar and carbohydrate digestion and some others help protein and fat digestion. My suggestion is that plant enzymes work better than animal ones. Best quality enzymes work much better than poor quality ones. When it comes to purchasing enzymes, every penny counts. You definitely get what you paid for. The Prosol line of enzymes we carry is the highest grade of professional-grade enzymes not typically seen in the marketplace, even in healthfood stores. This line provides a type of enzyme blend for every type of nutrients, fat, fiber, sugar, protein and overall digestion.

In addition to help digestion, some enzymes can be used for other purpose as well. For example, protease enzyme can be used to reduce inflammation and improve immune function and help autoimmune condition and allergies. Since plant enzymes are natural product, they are very safe to take long-term. There is very small number of people who might be allergic to digestive enzymes. Their enzyme allergy may be the major cause for their indigestion. The good way to treat these people is to balance their body first and desensitize enzyme allergy. Most people will be able to take the enzymes after the treatment.

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