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  • Highly Sensitive Body:
    Highly Sensitive Body describes a special population with sensitive nervous and immune system. Due to their sensitive nature, this group of people shows unique physiological characteristics that lead to special health concerns.

  • Individualized/Informational Body-Mind Therapy (iBMT):
    iBMT is comprehensive holistic healing program developed for the Highly Sensitive Body. It addresses the chronic illnesses using a three-stage healing model with a multidisciplinary approach.

  • Immune System Reprogramming (ISR):
    ISR is a modified acupressure procedure to help the body reprogram immune functions, unblock metabolic and detox pathways and desensitize allergy and sensitivities.

  • Homeopathy:
    Homeopathy is a three-hundred-year-old European healing system treating diseases with highly diluted (potentized) herbs, mineral and other chemicals.

  • Electrodermal Screening (EDS):
    EDS is a computerized skin conductivity testing. It detects skin conductivity changes on acupuncture points to identify the energetic balance and blockage of the body.

  • Enzyme Therapy:
    Enzyme Therapy uses purified plant enzymes to help a variety of conditions. The most commonly treated conditions are indigestion and food intolerance.

  • Energetic Emotional Therapy:
    Energetic Emotional Therapies help psychological issues with energetic approach. The common therapies include Bach Flower Essences and Emotional Freedom Therapy.

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM):
    TCM is a two-thousand-year-old energetic healing system with major modalities of Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture.

  • Natural Hormonal Therapy:
    Treating hormonal imbalance naturally is one of the major goals in our practice. We will do everything we can to balance hormones without using any types of hormonal replacement.

  • Amino Acid and Neurotransmitter Therapy:
    Many psychological and neurological diseases are caused by neurotransmitter imbalance. Amino acids are building blocks of many neurotransmitters. Digestion and absorption of amino acids as well as intestinal health play a major role in neurotransmitter balance.

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